Você está visualizando atualmente Signs You’re in a BAD Poker Game – Poker Strategy Advice #shorts #poker #pokertips

Signs You’re in a BAD Poker Game – Poker Strategy Advice #shorts #poker #pokertips

In this #poker strategy short – Phil Galfond gives tips on how to tell you’re in a bad poker game from the POV of a #highstakes poker pro #shorts

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Phil Galfond has some pro poker tips for you to consider the next time you think you might be in a bad poker game in this poker strategy short.

A bad poker game or bad poker table isn’t necessarily dictated by the way your opponents at the table look, but instead by the way the other poker players play.

A bad poker table is full of poker players playing a tight aggressive poker strategy; folding often, raising aggressively with their strong poker hands, and showing down strong hands on the river.

On the other hand, a good poker game will be full of people new to the game that are playing too many hands and putting in a lot of money with poker hands that shouldn’t be involved.

You can sometimes tell how new someone is to the game by things like how they handle their poker chips, can they shuffle poker chips and do they stack them in stacks of 20, or by keeping an eye on how much they buy-in for and whether they top up.

These aren’t 100% indicators of anybody’s poker skill, some players take pride in displaying counter signals to their own poker skills, but they can help you build an overall picture of your opponents and by extension whether your game is good or bad.

Understanding these aspects of poker soft skills can be used to develop excellent reads and exploits for your next poker session, whether that’s at the live poker table or online!

Exploiting different poker player types is no easy task, think through and add the poker exploits shown in this video and the other Player Types shorts into your poker strategy arsenal and you’ll buff up that win-rate!

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